The mind can simply be described as an invisible entity which governs an entire organism and its interaction with the environment. It exists jut as other visible organs like the heart, lungs but the difference is its invisible nature. The mind is the seat of thought, feeling and awareness. It is where everyone’s intellectual power resides, encompassing memory. The mind emerges from the activity of the brain whose structure and function are directly affected by our personal activities throughout life. Neuroscience makes us to understand that there is a constant interplay of our brain, our mind, the mental processes, perceptions and memory. All of these constant interactions determine our identity. That is, whom we are now is a product of our thought pattern.

Therefore the central focus is our mind; it detects whom you are going to be in future. All your thoughts not only affect the entire well-being of your body but are also responsible for your accomplishments. Just as a thought can bring us anger, resentment, joy, sadness, pain, inspiration, the same way it has the power to translate our feeling of “I can’t” or “I can” into physical representation.

The truth is that we all have been endowed with the potential to be whoever we choose to be, and, more importantly, whom God has created us to be. We can be that great genius we have always read about with wonder. But you must decide to put all the vast resources that your mind and your brain have provided. Every one of those 100 billion cells was designed by the creator of life for a purpose. They are not meant to be wasted but to be whatever you decide to be. All you need to do is to unlock the boundless resources that your mind and indeed your brain are holding in their reserve for you. You can restructure who you are; you can redefine your identity and recreate your world.

But it must begin with the realization of who you are and the power that God has placed in you. It all lies within you. You don’t need to go outside of you in search of it while you are indeed the carrier of your very potential, waiting to be harnessed. And that harnessing demands some effort. There has to be a conscious striving on your part to first believe in yourself that you indeed possess the ability to achieve anything you desire irrespective of where you have been, where you are now and where you intend to be. Then develop and embark on a plan of action geared towards harnessing the resources you hold, your mind power and stay on the plan as long as it takes. There is never a quick fix; you must develop yourself, and every development requires time. It is increasing of your mental power, your ability to exercise your mind through learning. It is a process but when you focus on that process and keep tapping into your very resources over time, it begins to show it’s fruits and can create whatever you ever wished to be. It can change and remake you and turn your dreams into reality.

The geniuses are just like anyone of us. The only difference is that they discovered how to harness their mind power, which all of us were born with. But their success was partly due to their persevering mind set, never giving up until they obtain the goals they have set for themselves. As Albert Einstein once said,

It’s not that I am so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.

Staying with problems longer equally entails the way they think and what they think about. They knew what was it that mattered most and issues that were less relevance in their lives. Those that mattered most were granted prominent place in their minds, which ensured a laser beam focus that helped activated their inner power.

Whatever you focus on, whatever you constantly think about is what you are and will over time manifest. So there is always a correlation of thoughts and actions going in our lives. That has overtime produced whom we are today and whom we will become tomorrow.